it is the view that decides

So here again we are going to the fourth point. Because view is very important. It is the view that decides. To establish the view we do the hearing and contemplation. Establishing the view is something that beginners must invest time and energy with. View, in the Tibetan word it is called ??. View is basically – okay again I will try to make it accessible, I try. But the danger is when I am trying to make it accessible, I always end up making the terms less than what it is. But this is always the challenge. The view is something like an idea also. Idea. And idea is very strong. If you look at our normal situation it is the idea that drives us. The idea of like– idea is also the creator of the value. It is actually, the idea, yes idea is the creator or the ground of the value. The value. So ideas also comes from causes and conditions. If you read cosmopolitan magazines, vogue magazines – I have to be little bit sarcastic here because there are some vogue people. If you read too many of these, then you develop a certain idea. That to be slim is a good thing. So suddenly to be slim is the view. So then you read the vogue magazine subscribed again and again, hang around with the vogue people, go to these specific special coffee shop where the vogue people hang around. Vanity fair is the right word actually, such a beautiful word, vanity fair. That is when you are doing the hearing and contemplation. You are doing the hearing and contemplation of this knowledge.

And then you begin to cut down pasta, rice, enroll yourself into the gym, lift weights I don’t know whatever. Drink potato skin juice. All kind of juice available these days. As you know very well while millions dying with the starvation, they are many people spend millions trying to not eat. And this is actually meditation. This is the diligence, this is the ritual, because you have developed the view that being slim is good. You have the gurus of the Vogues, fashion designers and all of that. And then you have all the sanghas who are supplying all the vitamins and potato skin juice and beetroot spread and all of that. So you diligently associate with them. That is what we call recollection of the, in this case not triple gem but some kind of a gem you understand, because that is your aim. And then when you accidentally or because you are not disciplined you end up more than what you should be eating then you feel guilty, you feel sinful. Then you report to your local guru what to do. And then of course the local guru says, oh don’t worry you can always start from somewhere. So anyway to be slim has become a value lots of people want to follow.

So everything is a bit like this. Everything. Communism, Socialism, Democracy, Nietzschism, Existentialism, Hinduism, Jainism, even Buddhism. It is an idea which creates the value. So of course with hearing and contemplation you analyze is this right idea or is this idea good for me. This you decide of course. The same applies here. It is the view that creates the value.

If you have decided that to be slim is the very valuable thing then you will do all sort of things to do to become that. Including sticking your fingers in your mouth. Right after healthy eating. Everything, all sacrifices you know like, scarifices really. It is not even a sacrifice, it is not even a sacrifice. You know those people who play gambling, casinos. I heard in Kathmandu there is a lot. Mahjong. If you see the value of this, whole night you play. And that is not an effort. Whole night doesn’t matter. You joyfully do it because you have seen that value.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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