dream example

Okay, very simple. Enlightenment is when you are not a sucker of the logic of four plus four is eight. You understand? That is it. That is it. Because we are all sucker of this logic. Enlightened being is not a sucker of this logic. Plus lot of other things.

Student: But I think crazy people are also … of that.

Oh very good, excellent, excellent. Very very good. Actually at glance I would say, an ordinary person, a very ordinary person, deluded being like me looking at a crazy person and a Tilopa, or a Virupa or Naropa, can’t tell difference.

So because you know what is the word definition of crazy people. Those who are not a sucker of conventional truth. And if you want to be the follower of the conventional truth. Yes, then. In fact these Tilopa or Naropa or Virupa thinks that all those people who are sucker of four plus four is eight, they are the crazy. They just can’t understand why you have to suck into this.

Student: But I think for most of us students here we still living in the worldly life and we have to cope with the worldly rule and remember four plus four is nine. So how to …

No no. This is good, this is good.

Student: Sorry is eight.

This is very good. Excellent. See, most of us we have to remember that four plus four is not really eight. Is neither nine. Definitely not one. But for the conventional sake we will use it. That is what we call skillful means. We have to get along with the people.

Student: Yes I think so we need to learn how to survive in this world, worldly world with the enlightened mind properly.

Of course. Yes. Chandrakirti has stated this long time ago. Never ever we should destroy or refute what is conventionally accepted. Never. Buddha, if you asked him: “What is four plus four?” He will say eight.

But, you know, there is a great scholar. He is the best actually, in the contemporary Tibetan scholar, he is my hero. He is called Gendun Chopel. He is really good. He said, for instance if a terrorist comes and points a gun at you and says: “Okay, lady. You have to say this wall is red. Otherwise I am going to kill you.” You will say it is red even so you don’t mean it. He said that all the Buddha’s teaching are just like that. All sentient beings are coming with the gun of suffering and then Buddha has to say all kind of things, this is blue, this is red. He is really good.

Parting from the four attachments, Nepal June 2009
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